HITTING                                                                                                             FIELDING                                                            
               2B   Doubles                                                                                                       A   Assists
               3B   Triples                                                                                                          C   Chances                                                              
               AB   At bats                                                                                                         CI   Catcher's interference
            AVG   Batting average                                                                                     CSB   Caught stealing by (pitcher and catcher)
               BB   Base on balls                                                                                         DPs   Double plays participated in
            GPD   Grounded into double plays                                                                    E   Errors                                                                   
      GP / GS   Games played / Games started                                                      FLD%   Fielding percentage
                 H   Base hits                                                                                                    PB   Passed balls (catcher)
            HBP   Hit by pitch                                                                                                PO   Putouts
               HR   Home runs                                                                                             SBA   Stolen bases allowed (pitcher and catcher)
              IBB   Intentional base on balls                                                                 SBA%   Stolen bases against percentage
           OB%   On base percentage                                                                                       (pitcher and catcher)
                  R   Runs scored
              RBI   Runs batted in                                              
     SB / ATT   Stolen bases / Stolen bases attempts                                                          ANALYSIS STATISTICS                                    
               SF   Sacrifice flies                                                                                     vs Left   Avg against left-handed pitchers
               SH   Sacrifice hits                                                                                    vs Right   Avg against right-handed pitchers
         SLG%   Slugging percentage                                                          rch by leadoff   Avg when leading off an inning
               SO   Strikeouts                                                                                     with 2 outs   Avg when batting with 2 outs
               TB   Total bases                                                                             w/runners on   Avg when batting with runners on base
                                                                                                                     w/bases empty   Avg when batting with bases empty
                                                                                                                                  RBI ops   Avg when batting with runners                       
                       PITCHING                                                                                                         on 2nd or 3rd base
               2B   Doubles allowed                                                                             Gnd out   Number of ground outs
               3B   Triples allowed                                                                                                 (includes SACs, but not errors)
               AB   At bats                                                                                                 Fly out   Number of fly outs
    APP / GS   Apperances / Game starts                                                                             (incudes SFs, but not errors)
          B/Avg   Opponent batting average                                                          Fly / Gnd   Fly outs to ground outs ratio
               BB   Base on balls allowed                                                           pinch hitting   Avg as pinch hitter                                             
               BF   Batters faced                                                 with runners in scoring pos  Avg when batting with runners in
              IBB   Intentional base on balls allowed                                                                 scoring positions
               BK   Balk                                                                  w/rnr on 3rd and LT 2 outs   Avg when batting with runner on
              CG   Complete games                                                                                             third base and less than 2 outs
               ER   Earned runs allowed                                                                 with 2 outs   Avg when batting with 2 outs
            ERA   Earned run average                                                                      2 out rbi   Runs batted in with 2 outs
               FO   Fly outs                                                                success advancing rnrs   Success advancing runners                            
              GO   Ground outs                                                                       #rnrs adv w/out   Number of times batter made an out
                 H   Hits allowed                                                                                                      and advanced at least 1 runner
            HBP   Hit by pitch                                                                                       rnrs lob   Number of runners left on base by
               HR   Home runs allowed                                                                                         last batter of inning
                 IP   Innings played                                                                                   rch err   Reach first base on error
                  R   Runs allowed                                                                                       rch fc   Reach first base on fielder's choice
             SFA   Sacrifice flies allowed                                                                              kl   Strikeouts look
            SHA   Sacrifice hits allowed
  SHO/CHO   Shutouts / Combination shutouts
               SO   Strikeouts
               SV   Saves
             W/L   Wins/Losses
              WP   Wild pitches